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The explorers were looking for ____________.
a) gold b) food c) monsters d) animals
The explorers were ________ to Natives.
a) respectful b) friendly c) buddy buddy d) abusive
Natives ________ their land.
a) adapted to b) changed c) hated d) destroyed
_________ was the most popular crop for Natives.
a) cheese b) tobacco c) maize d) fish
The explorers also wanted ________________.
a) picnic baskets b) to find a route to Asia c) to find a route to Ohio d) to find a route to Australia
The explorers brought ________ to the New World.
a) gold b) money c) people d) disease
Hernan Cortes attacked the _______ empire.
a) Mississippians b) Aztec c) Chinese d) Egyptian
The Native Americans decorated with
a) shell b) paint c) animal skins d) all of these
______ is credited with finding the New World.
a) Michalak b) Maduri c) Columbus d) Cleveland
The Natives and explorers went to war because of __________.
a) different languages b) different opinions on snacking c) territorial fights d) different clothing styles
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