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China had a lot of _______ to keep them isolated.
a) Great Walls b) road c) natural barriers d) volcanoes
The ________ was a trading network.
a) silk road b) great wall c) terracotta army d) dragons
There are roughly ____ statues in this.
a) great wall b) silk road c) terracotta army d) dragons
The _________ mountains are the largest mountain range in the world.
a) himalayan b) gobi c) michalakian d) richissinian
The Great Wall was built to _________.
a) trap the Chinese b) protect the Chinese c) hold a giant dance party d) trade on
The story of Mulan was a ___ story.
a) false b) true c) d)
The towers on the Great Wall were built at the ________ of the mountains.
a) top b) bottom c) side d) valley
This fable animal was important to Chinese culture.
a) unicorn b) dragon c) mystical beast d) Mulan
The Terracotta army was built to __________.
a) worship Doritos b) protect the emperor in the afterlife c) protect the emperor in real life d) practice make up designs
Which of the following was key to the advancement of the Chinese civilization?
a) rivers b) mountains c) volcanoes d) boats
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