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What must happen in order for sound waves to form?
a) volume is absorbed b) frequency is reached c) electric current flows d) matter vibrates
Sound travels best through
a) solids b) gas c) liquid d) air
Intensity of sound is the same as
a) amplitude b) loudness c) pitch d) wavelength
Compressions and rarefaction traveling through a substance is
a) a crest b) a noise c) a soundwave d) a trough
Rapid vibrations will cause this
a) loud sounds b) high pitch c) low pitch d) low sound
What sound would travel farther
a) dolphins communicating underwater b) you talking in a sound padded room c) you yelling into a side of a cliff d) you speaking inside the classroom
A high point of a sound wave is this..... a low point is .........
a) trough / crest b) crest/trough c) decibel/pitch d) amp/pitch
Sound will travel fastest through
a) underwater in a pool b) talking in a classroom c) Through a metal fence d) om top of a mountain
Sound is a form of
a) pitch b) decibels c) loudness d) energy
part of ear that picks up the sound waves vibration
a) eardrum b) ear canal c) inner ear d) ear flap
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