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Sucrose is a disaccharide formed by the joining of
a) glucose and fructose b) 2 glucose molecules c) starch and fructose d) fructose and maltose
Which of the following is the monomer of carbohydrates?
a) nucleotide b) amino acid c) triglyceride d) monosaccharide
The indicator for simple sugars is
a) Biuret's reagent b) Lugol's Iodine c) Benedict's solution d) Brown Paper Bag test
In the presence of a polysaccharide, Lugol's iodine turns
a) green b) bluish-black c) purple-violet d) red
Which of the following is a disaccharide?
a) sucrose b) starch c) glucose d) fructose
IDENTIFY the function of carbohydrates
a) long term energy storage, insulation, and protective coatings b) structure and cellular metabolism c) store and release energy for cellular activities d) store information as genetic code
To test for the presence of simple sugars,
a) Biuret's reagent is used b) Sudan IV is used c) Lugol's iodine is used d) Benedict's solution is used
Which of the following represents the chemical formula for ALL monosaccharides?
a) C12H24O12 b) C6H12O6 c) both C6H12O6 and C12H24O12 d) neither C6H12O6 and C12H24O12
Which of the following does NOT belong?
a) glucose b) cellulose c) glycogen d) starch
Carbohydrates are also known as
a) saccharides b) sugars c) both saccharides and sugars d) neither saccharides nor sugars
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