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In the feudal system, who received a fief?
a) a lord b) a vassal c) a king d) a peasant
Where were the Vikings from?
a) France b) Scandinavia c) Russia d) Rome
The medieval political and social system in which land was traded for service was called
a) feudalism b) republicanism c) serfdom d) totalitarianism
A ___________ was a peasant bound to the land in feudal times.
a) serf b) knight c) slave d) helot
Which Frankish leader defeated the Muslims at the Battle of Tours, France?
a) Charlemagne b) Clovis c) Justinian d) Charles (the Hammer) Martel
Which Byzantine emperor tried to reunify the old Roman Empire in the 500's A.D.?
a) Justinian b) Diocletian c) Constantine d) Nero
Which Frankish leader had created the largest empire in Europe since the fall of Rome by the late 800's A.D.?
a) Clovis b) Charlemagne c) Justinian d) Hannibal
In feudal times, the manor
a) was the lord's estate b) included the lord's domain and the surrounding land and villages c) a self-sufficient unit d) all of the above
________________ was a code of conduct for knights to follow in medieval times
a) chivalry b) feudalism c) secularism d) gentry
Which leader converted the Franks to Christianity?
a) Clovis b) Charlemagne c) Justinian d) Hammurabi
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