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Which hormone controls metabolism and oxidation?
a) thyroxine b) gonadotropin c) somatotropin d) calcitonin
Which hormone from the anterior pituitary is responsible for growth?
a) somatotropin b) gonadotropin c) parathyroid hormone d) aldosterone
Which disorder results from a deficiency of thyroxine during infancy?
a) cretinism b) diabetes c) gout d) hyperthyroidism
Which disorder is the result of an overactive thyroid and usually results in a thin body, restlessness, fast heartbeat?
a) hyperthyroidism b) hypothyroidism c) diabetes d) gout
Which hormone reduces the sugar in the blood?
a) insulin b) glucagon c) melatonin d) calcitonin
Which hormone increases sugar in the blood?
a) glucagon b) insulin c) calcitonin d) melatonin
a) melatonin b) calcitonin c) epinephrine d) adrenaline
Which of the following hormones is not secreted by the adrenal glands?
a) melatonin b) epinephrine c) cortisol d) aldosterone
Which hormone is responsible for body repair following injury or stress?
a) cortisol b) aldosterone c) epinephrine d) adrenaline
Which hormone helps the body to conserve water and maintain a balance of minerals?
a) aldosterone b) adrenaline c) epinephrine d) cortisol
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