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This term refers to the chemical processes that take place for energy, repair, growth.
a) metabolism b) digestion c) sympathetic d) excretion
This is the unit for the measure of energy from food.
a) calorie b) joule c) ampere d) kilovolt
Severely overweight due to excess body fat is termed ______.
a) obesity b) buu c) overtone d) oblong
Which of the following is not a macronutrient?
a) vitamin b) carbohydrate c) protein d) lipid
Which of the following is not an example of a simple carbohydrate?
a) cellulose b) glucose c) fructose d) sucrose
Proteins are made up of what monomer?
a) amino acids b) monosaccharides c) Vitamin E d) triglycerides
Which of these is not a lipid?
a) glucose b) cholesterol c) oil d) saturated fatty acid
These macronutrients aid in storing energy in the body.
a) lipid b) protein c) carbohydrate d) nucleic acid
Which micronutrient is water-soluble?
a) Vitamin C b) Vitamin A c) Vitamin D d) Vitamin K
Which of these is not a mineral?
a) protein b) calcium c) potassium d) iron
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