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Which mutation tends to be more potent?
a) gamete b) somatic c) body cell d) hand cell
What will occur if a mutation occurs in DNA that regulates the cell cycle?
a) cancer b) pneumonia c) asthma d) bacterial infection
What is a change in genetic material?
a) mutation b) translation c) replication d) reintegration
If a single nitrogen base is added or deleted, this will result in a ______.
a) frameshift mutation b) point mutation c) chromosomal mutation d) translocation
What kind of mutation is a change in a single part pg the DNA sequence?
a) point mutation b) frameshift mutation c) deletion d) translocation
If the direction of certain parts of a chromosome is reversed, this results in a ______.
a) inversion b) deletion c) duplication d) translocation
If one part of a chromosome breaks off and attaches to another chromosome, this results in ______.
a) translocation b) inversion c) deletion d) duplication
If homologous chromosomes fail to separate properly during meiosis, this results in ______.
a) non-disjunction b) frameshift mutation c) deletion d) point mutation
Which of the following statements is false?
a) Most mutations are neutral b) All mutations are harmful c) Some mutations are beneficial d) Mutations have a chance to improve health
Which of the following has not been cloned?
a) human b) sheep c) nose d) ear
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