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the number that produces a given number when cubed
a) Perfect square b) Cubing c) Cubed function d) Cubed root
a number that produces a specified number when cubed
a) Square root b) Perfect square c) Square Root Function d) Cubed root
opposite or contrary in position
a) Perfect square b) Inverse c) Cubed root d) Function
At right angles to a horizontal plane; in a direction
a) Inverse b) Cubic Function c) Vertical d) Horizontal
The product of a rational number multiplied by itself
a) Perfect Squares b) Imperfect Squares c) Cubed root d) Cubing
parallel to the plane of the horizon; at right angles to the vertica
a) Horizontal b) Vertical c) Paralell d) X-value
An amount of space between two things
a) Gap b) Distance c) Space d) Area
Is a technique used to solve quadratic equations
a) Square root b) Cubic Function c) Quadratic Function d) Completing the square
Bring the different elements of _________ into a relationship that will ensure harmony and efficiency
a) Horizontal b) Vertical c) Coordinates d) Cubic Function
A quadratic sequence is a sequence of numbers in which the second diffrences between each consecutive term
a) Constant Second Diffrences b) Constant Change c) Vertex Form d) cubed root
f (x) = a(x-h)2 + k where (h,k) is the vortex of the parabola
a) Square root b) Vertex Form c) Cubed root d) Cubic function
A------ is a parenthesized algebraic expression
a) cubic b) cubic function c) Factored Form d) Square root
The _______ states that if ab=0, b=0 or both are 0
a) Zero of the equation b) Zero product property c) Perfect squares d) Cubic Function
The __________ that tellsyou where the graph of the function crosses the x-axis
a) Distance b) Vertex Form c) Axis Of Symmetry d) Zeros Of The Equation
The __________ of a parabola is a vertical line that divides the parabola into two congruent halves
a) Factored Form b) Axis Of Symmetry c) Horizontal d) Vertical
Is a second degree polynomail function of the form, where a, b, c are real numbers
a) Cubic Function b) Quadratic Function c) Square Root Function d) Inverse Function
A symmetrical open plane curve formed by the intersection of a cone with a parallel to its side
a) Cubic Function b) Inverse c) Parabola d) Constane Change
Raise a number to its cubed
a) Cubic b) Cubed root c) Cubic function d) Square root
A small partitioned-off area of a room, for example on containing a bed in a dwelling or one containg a desk in an office
a) Coordinates b) Vertex Form c) Cubic Feet d) Cubic
In algebra, a cubic function of the form
a) Square root b) Cubic Function c) Square Root Function d) Cubed root
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