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Chloromethane would be an example of which of the following?
a) haloalkane b) alcohol c) aldehyde d) carboxylic acid
One or more hydrogen atoms replaced with an -OH group would be an example of which of the following?
a) alcohol b) aldehyde c) ester d) carboxylic acid
This contains (-CHO).
a) aldehyde b) ketone c) carboxylic acid d) ester
This contains (-CO).
a) ketone b) aldehyde c) carboxylic acid d) ether
This contains (-COOH).
a) carboxylic acid b) ketone c) ester d) aldehyde
This contains only hydrogen, carbon, nitrogen.
a) amine b) ketone c) ester d) ether
This contains a carboxyl group without the hydrogen (-COO).
a) ester b) carboxylic acid c) ketone d) amine
Which of the following groups is found in nail polish, paints, varnishes?
a) ketones b) aldehydes c) carboxylic acids d) ester
Which of the following contains fruity/floral aroma?
a) ester b) carboxylic acid c) ketone d) aldehyde
Which of the following typically contains weak bases?
a) amines b) esters c) aldehydes d) ketones
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