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The study of compounds containing carbon is known as ______.
a) organic chemistry b) biochemistry c) analytical chemistry d) physical chemistry
Which of the following elements can naturally form 4 bonds with other elements?
a) carbon b) nitrogen c) oxygen d) hydrogen
A portion of a molecule that is a recognizable group of atoms found in substituted hydrocarbons is called ______.
a) functional group b) polymer c) hydrocarbon d) monomer
Linking many single units of molecules is done through the process of _______.
a) polymerization b) functionalization c) replication d) transcription
These compounds contain only hydrogen and carbon.
a) hydrocarbons b) amine c) ketone d) ester
These are hydrocarbons that only have single bonds.
a) alkane b) alkene c) alkyne d) alkone
These are hydrocarbons that have a double bond.
a) alkene b) alkane c) alkyne d) alkone
These are hydrocarbons that have a triple bond.
a) alkyne b) alkene c) alkane d) alkone
This hydrocarbon has electrons that travel freely amount atoms in the ring.
a) aromatic hydrocarbon b) alkyne c) alkane d) cycloalkanes
Ethyne is an example of which of the following?
a) alkyne b) alkane c) alkone d) alkene
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