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The most important factor in chemical bonds and compounds is the number of ______.
a) valence electrons b) protons c) inner electrons d) neutrons
What states that an atom tends to fill its valence shell with 8 electrons?
a) octet rule b) Aufbau principle c) valence rule d) electron rule
This bond results in completely losing or gaining electrons.
a) ionic bond b) polar covalent bond c) nonpolar covalent bond d) metallic bond
This bond results from unequally sharing electrons.
a) polar covalent bond b) ionic bond c) nonpolar covalent bond d) metallic bond
This bond results in equally sharing electrons
a) nonpolar covalent b) ionic bond c) polar covalent bond d) metallic bond
An ion that is formed from a group of atom is known as a ______.
a) polyatomic ion b) monoatomic ion c) multiatomic ion d) manyatomic ion
Which bond involves 4 electrons?
a) single bond b) double bond c) triple bond d) tetra bond
This bond contains delocalized electrons that can float around throughout the metal.
a) metallic bond b) ionic bond c) nonpolar covalent bond d) polar covalent bond
What is a diagram that shows locations of atoms and valence electrons in a compound using dots?
a) Lewis structure b) electron configuration c) orbital configuration d) molecular formula
A set of oppositely charged ends of a bond is known as ______.
a) dipole b) poles c) charges d) isotopes
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