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What is a change in speed or direction?
a) Inertia b) Gravity c) Acceleration d) Speed
What is a resistance of an object to a change in movement?
a) Inertia b) Gravity c) Acceleration d) Speed
The amount of matter in an object is called _____________.
a) Weight b) Force c) Friction d) Mass
What do we call any push or pull on an object?
a) Force b) Mass c) Friction d) Scale
A force that always opposes motion between two surfaces that are touching each other.
a) Force b) Mass c) Friction d) Scale
What do we call a theory that has been tested many times with the same result each time?
a) Gravity b) Mass c) Scientific Law d) Weight
Gravity and Friction are both examples of ________________.
a) Force b) Mass c) Weight d) Speed
The measure of how much gravity pulls down on an object
a) Mass b) Time c) Inertia d) Weight
To measure the speed of a matchbox cars, which tools would I need?
a) spring scale, stopwatch b) measuring tape, balance, stopwatch c) stopwatch, balance, spring scale d) measuring tape, stopwatch
The more mass an object has, the _____________________?
a) slower the motion of the object b) faster the motion of the object c) greater the force needed to move the object d) greater the distance the object will travel
Newton is known for the 3 laws of _________?
a) Chemistry b) Motion c) Gravity d) Cheating
a form of potential energy created by the buildup or loss of electrons (ZAP!)
a) Circuit b) Magnetic field c) Static Electiricity d) Electromagnet
Newton's first law deals with_________________
a) Inertia b) Matter c) Mass d) Time
Newton's 3rd law states_________________
a) f=m x a b) Objects at rest stay at rest c) Objects in motion stay in motion d) For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
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