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The flow of charge from one place to another is called _____.
a) current b) amplitude c) velocity d) power
Which of the following carry charges?
a) ions b) isotopes c) molecules d) hydrocarbons
Which of the following cannot carry charges?
a) all the options can carry b) gases c) solids d) liquids
What is a device used to detect small electric charges?
a) electroscope b) Leyden jar c) lightning rod d) magnetoscope
What is a device that produces static electricity
a) electrostatic generator b) electroscope c) leyden jar d) capacitor
This device contains a large, hollow sphere, insulating stand, motor driven belt.
a) Van de Graaff b) electroscope c) Leyden jar d) lightning rod
Why is safer to stay inside a car rather than stand outside during a thunderstorm?
a) electric charges move to outside of objects b) electric charges stay inside of objects c) electric charges hate cars d) cars instantly reject lightning
The upward flow of positive charge creating a flash of light in lightning is called _____.
a) return stroke b) positive streamer c) stepped ladder d) lightning rod
This is an early form of a capacitor, which are used to store electric charges.
a) Leyden jar b) lightning rod c) Van de Graaff d) electroscope
Benjamin Franklin invented this device to protect buildings from lightning strikes.
a) lightning rod b) Leyden jar c) Van de Graaff d) electroscope
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