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Trees that shed their leaves seasonally as the weather cools are called what?
a) Deciduous b) Conifers c) d)
The part of the tree that takes in water and nutrients is called what?
a) Leaves b) Bark c) Branches d) Roots
Outer bark protects the tree from what things?
a) Insects b) Weather c) Disease d) All of the above
A plant scientist is called a what?
a) A forester b) A biologist c) A botanist d) A fisherman
Trees make their own food where?
a) Branches b) Roots c) Trunk d) Leaves
What is the process called where plants make their own food?
a) Respiration b) Photosynthesis c) Transpiration d) None
The substance that gives the needles and leaves their green color are called what?
a) Chlorplasts b) Green stuff c) Chlorophyll d) None
True or False. Overcrowding is good for tree growth.
a) True b) False c) d)
A water scientist is called a what?
a) Botanist b) Hydrologist c) Forester d) None
Seeds can be found where on a tree?
a) Cones b) Nuts c) Fruits d) All
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