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Which direction do prevailing westerlies usually flow?
a) West to East b) North to South c) North to West d) West to South
What weather results as a warm front moves through an area?
a) Hot and clear skies b) Heavy snow and ice c) Cold clear skies d) cloudy skies and rainy wearther
What tool would a meteorologist use to measure humidity?
a) Anemometer b) Hygrometer c) Themometer d) Wind sock
What will result if air pressure is falling? (Low Pressure)
a) Stormy Weather b) Colder weather c) Warmer weather d) Fair weather
When the jet stream dips down over the southeast, what will happen to the temperature?
a) Increase b) Stay the same c) Decrease d)
An air mass forms over the Gulf of Mexico and moves east. Why type of weather will it bring?
a) Cold and dry b) Warm and dry c) Warm and humid d) Cold and humid
The water droplets on the outside of a glass are an example of which part of the water cycle?
a) Evaporation b) Condensation c) Precipitation d) Transpiration
What is the cause of rising temperatures of the Pacific that brings extreme weather conditions?
a) Gulf stream b) Warm front c) El Nino d) La Nina
Why is there more precipitation at the equator?
a) the equator has very little wind b) the equator has higher temperatures means more evaporation c) warmer temps. mean a decrease in evaporation d) the equator has extreme winds
What other weather condition is most likely affected by rainfall during the summer in NC?
a) Fog b) Wind speed c) Wind direction d) Humidity
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