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Some religions believe that after you die, your soul will ____ with an new body.
a) reincarnate b) animate c) physician d) physical
The ___ lion preys on the unsuspecting gazelles that are grazing in the open field.
a) carnivorous b) animal c) reincarnate d) inanimate
A chair is an example of an ____ object.
a) inanimate b) animal c) animate d) animator
I am always impressed with how an ____ can make a fictitious character moe and act so realistically.
a) animator b) animate c) animal d) inanimate
A cartoonist made several drawings to ____ the hot air balloon so that it appeared to float away.
a) animate b) animator c) reincarnate d) physical
My friend, who believes that ____ have souls, has become a vegan so she will only eat food that comes from plants.
a) animal b) carnivorous c) reincarnate d) physicist
Lindsay could hardly feel the ____ pain after her fall because she was so embarrassed that she tripped in front of her friends.
a) physical b) physician c) animate d) inanimate
The ____ stitched up my wound and told me to rest for the evening.
a) physician b) physicist c) animator d) carnivorous
We are currently studying the laws of gravity in _____ .
a) physics b) physicist c) physician d) physical
Albert Einstein is one of the most accomplished _____ ever.
a) physicist b) physician c) physical d) physics
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