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From where does the majority of water evaporate?
a) Lakes b) Oceans c) Rivers d) Streams
Which process involves the falling of rain, snow, sleet or hail?
a) precipitation b) evaporation c) condensation d) transpiration
Which process involves water moving from plants/leaves into the atmosphere as water vapor?
a) transpiration b) condensation c) precipitation d) runoff
When water rolls of of the surface and seems into the ground or goes into another body of water, what is the process known as?
a) runoff b) percolation c) evaporation d) condensation
The majority of Earth's atmosphere is composed of which gas?
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) carbon dioxide d) hydrogen
What is the second most abundant gas in our atmosphere?
a) oxygen b) helium c) carbon dioxide d) nitrogen
What happens to temperature as altitude increases in the troposhpere?
a) It decreases b) It increases c) It stays the same d) It increases then decreases
What are the layers, in order, of our atmosphere beginning closest to Earth?
a) troposphere - thermosphere - exosphere - stratosphere - mesosphere b) troposphere - stratosphere - mesosphere - thermosphere - exosphere c) stratosphere - troposphere - mesosphere - exosphere - thermospehre d) exosphere - mesosphere -thermosphere - stratosphere - troposphere
Which layer is responsible for protecting us from harmful UV radiation?
a) Ozone in the stratosphere b) Ozone in the thermosphere c) Ozone in the mesosphere d) Ozone in the troposphere
How does pressure change as altitude increases?
a) Pressure decreases b) Pressure increases c) Pressure stays the same d) Pressure is consistant
What is the majority of gas in our atmosphere?
a) nitrogen b) oxygen c) helium d) carbon dioxide
In which layer do we live, and is also the layer in which weather occurs?
a) Troposphere b) Stratosphere c) Thermosphere d) Mesosphere
How does the amount of air molecules change as altitude DECREASES?
a) The air molecules become more densely packed. b) The air molecules become less densely packed c) The air molecules remain the same space apart. d) The air molecules become nonexistant.
As you climb a mountain, what happens to the temperature of the air?
a) In increases b) It decreases c) It stays the same d) It remains variable
What is the relationship between altitude, temperature, density and air pressure in the troposphere?
a) As altitude increases, temperature, density and air pressure decrease. b) As altitude decreases, temperature, density and air pressure decrease. c) As altitude increases, temperature, density and air pressure increase. d) As altitude decreases, temperature, density and air pressure remain constant
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