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The raising and harvesting of fresh and saltwater plants and animals is:
a) floriculture b) aquaculture c) silviculture d) horticulture
Which is a mature animal that has produced an offspring?
a) steer b) gilt c) cow d) doe kid
Which holds the belief that animals should receive proper care and medical attention and be used by humans for food?
a) animal rights groups b) PETA c) animal welfare groups d) anti-vivisectionists
The best term to describe food produced without chemical fertilizers, growth stimulants, or pesticides is:
a) certified b) free range c) natural d) organic
Which is a preventative measure used in livestock management?
a) vaccinating young chickens b) treating pinkeye with antibiotics c) hoof trimming cattle with hoof rot d) giving sulfa drugs to swine with scours
Which is an agricultural product from sheep?
a) chevron b) beef c) cabrito d) mutton
Which livestock management practice prevents unwanted breeding?
a) castration b) vaccination c) docking d) shearing
Which is NOT an example of a byproduct generated by the animal industry?
a) feathers b) steak c) gelatin d) leather
Who would most likely have information on raising pigs?
a) National Dairy Council b) National Pork Producers Council c) American Meat Goat Association d) American Sheep Industry Association
If one has 100 sows in North Carolina and wants to introduce genetics into the herd from a champion boar in Brazil, the MOST likely method is to use:
a) natural breeding b) artificial insemination c) embryo transfer d) cloning
Absorbing sunlight to produce energy is a function of which plant part?
a) stems b) roots c) flowers d) leaves
Where on a plant might one find male and female parts?
a) stems b) roots c) flowers d) leaves
A fertilized ovule is known as a:
a) pistil b) seed c) flower d) pollen
As a plant fiber producer one would most likely grow:
a) wool b) silk c) rayon d) cotton
Converting raw fruits and vegetables into frozen or canned products is known as:
a) Processing b) marketing c) transporting d) producing
Transporting water, nutrients, and sugar through the plant is a function of which plant part?
a) stems b) roots c) flowers d) leaves
What do plants take in during the process of photosynthesis?
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) carbon dioxide d) carbon monoxide
Which government organization regulates official organic labeling?
a) EPA b) USDA c) FDA d) FFA
Which is a byproduct of photosynthesis?
a) oxygen b) nitrogen c) carbon dioxide d) carbon monoxide
Which is used for animal feed but not human food?
a) grain b) cotton seed c) pasture d) fruits and vegetables
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