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What natural event frequently occurs at transform boundaries?
a) Earthquakes b) Volcanoes c) Tornadoes d) Hurricanes
What type of boundary has crust that is neither created nor destroyed?
a) Transform b) Ridge c) Divergent d) Convergent
What type of movement occurs at a TRANSFORM boundary?
a) Move away from each other b) Move up and down next to each other c) Move towards each other d) Slide or grind past each other
Which of the following is NOT a way plates move?
a) Up and down next to each other b) Grind past each other c) Towards each other d) Away from each other
What force in the asthenosphere causes the plates to move?
a) Gravity b) Waves c) Convection Currents d) Friction
Which of the following does a plate NOT carry?
a) Land b) Ocean c) Both land and ocean d) Other plates
The lithosphere is broken into large pieces called...
a) Continents b) Plates c) Oceans d) Faults
What two materials make up the Earth's core?
a) Iron and Nickel b) Steel and Copper c) Gold and Silver d) Iron and Gold
What are the two parts of the upper mantle?
a) Continental and Oceanic b) Inner and Outer Mantle c) Lithosphere and Asthenosphere d) Upper and Deep Mantle
Which of the following is NOT a layer of the Earth?
a) Crust b) Shell c) Mantle d) Core
What is the name of the major fault located in California?
a) San Bernadino Fault b) Los Angeles Fault c) San Andreas Fault d) San Francisco Fault
What type of boundary has the plates moving AWAY from each other
a) Divergent b) Convergent c) Transform d)
What is the name of a divergent boundary when it occurs on land?
a) Mid-Ocean Ridge b) Mountain c) Fault d) Rift Valley
What happens to land at a divergent boundary?
a) Land is created b) Land is destroyed c) Land is neither created nor destroyed d)
Which of the following is NOT a type of convergent boundary?
a) EP-EP b) CP-CP c) OP-OP d) CP-OP
What type of movement occurs at a CONVERGENT boundary?
a) Moves away from each other b) Moves towards each other c) Slide past each other d)
When two plates collide...what determines which plate comes out on top?
a) Type of Rock b) Temperature c) Size d) Density
When land is pushed down into the Earth and is melted back into magma (land destroyed), we call it...
a) Subduction b) Volcano c) Island Chain d) Earthquake
When to continental plates collide...they form?
a) Oceans b) Faults c) Mountains d) Caves
About how far do plates move each year?
a) 1 to 10 centimeters b) 1 to 10 miles c) 100 miles d) 1 to 100 inches
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