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In Photoshop, when changing the color of a car, you must change the layer mode to:
a) Overlay b) Normal c) Screen d) Multiply
In Photoshop, what tool is best used to easily remove a background?
a) Magic Wand tool b) Quick Selection tool c) Eraser tool d) Clone tool
This principle of design gives your design “breathing” room.
a) Space b) Value c) Shape d) Unity
____ refers to the relationships of parts to each other and to the whole work.
a) Shape b) Emphasis c) Proportion d) Balance
The principle of design that helps organize information and reduces clutter.
a) Hierarchy b) Alignment c) Proximity d) Balanace
The lightness and darkness of an object
a) Line b) Color c) Value d) Space
____ marks help to line up a screen printing job.
a) Crop b) Registration c) Birth d) Trade
A film ____ is used when printing separations for screen printing.
a) negative b) or movie c) positive d) process
How do you unlock a background layer in Photoshop?
a) Click the layer b) Click the lock icon c) d)
What is the name of this class
a) Graphic Arts b) Graphic Art 2 c) d)
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