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How many men were in the fiery furnace?
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 5
Who was the angel that came to Mary?
a) Michael b) David c) Gabriel d) Joseph
How many times was Jesus tempted?
a) 3 b) 2 c) 5 d) 7
Who walked on water?
a) Judas b) John c) Joseph d) Peter
Who was Lazarus?
a) a leper b) a dead man c) a tax collector d) a murderer
How many lepers were there?
a) 1 b) 5 c) 10 d) 9
Why did the Jews give Jesus a triumphal entry?
a) they thought he would save them from their sins b) they thought he would save them from Rome c) they thought he was a super star d) they liked the miracles he did
What did Jesus use to represent his body and blood at the last supper?
a) pizza/coke b) bread/water c) crackers/juice d) bread/juice
Who cut off the soldier's ear?
a) Peter b) Judas c) John d) Pilot
What did the earth do when Jesus died?
a) shook b) cried c) made darkness d) broke
What did Jesus leave us when he ascended?
a) love b) forgiveness c) Holy Spirit d) God
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