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Fill in the blank : Demonstrate____________
a) Honesty b) Integrity c) Leadership d) Intellegence
Fill in the blank :Follow______
a) HR Rules b) Policies and Procedures c) Job Aides d) Directions
Fill in the blank : Focus on the ________
a) Customer b) Task c) Mission d) Weekend
Fill in the blank : Be a________
a) Agent of Change b) Positive Influence c) Polite Person d) Great team member
Fill in the blank : Measure_____
a) Always b) Nothing c) Everything d) Results
Fill in the blank : Know the Details to __________
a) Achieve Great Things b) Be Well Rounded c) Pass QA d) Undertand the Big Picture
Advocate Change and_________
a) Understad the Big Picture b) Be a Positive Influence c) Envision Growth d) Follow Through
a) test b) c) d)
a) b) test c) d)
a) test b) c) d)
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