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There are people that are sometimes cruel and fierce. These people are...
a) civilized b) savage c) emphatically d) morosely
It's fun to watch sports when people compete ...
a) morosely b) deftly c) emphatically d) skeptically
In order to play sports in high school, you must have a 2.0 GPA to give you...
a) civilized b) savage c) instituting d) eligibility
After many days of rain I spoke ____________ because I was feeling so gloomy.
a) morosely b) eligibility c) emphatically d) deftly
People who jump Double Dutch must be able to change positions quickly and have a lot of....
a) deftly b) agility c) emphatically d) morosely
qualified or entitled to be chosen
a) morosely b) emphatically c) eligibility d) agility
gloomy mood
a) eligibility b) savage c) morosely d) emphatically
with skill
a) deftly b) agility c) eligibility d) morosely
in a strong and forceful way
a) civilized b) savage c) emphatically d) skeptically
ability to change body position quickly
a) eligibility b) agility c) skeptically d) deftly
vivid mental images, resembling a photograph.
a) savage b) agility c) eligibility d) photographic
showing doubt
a) morosely b) skeptically c) agility d) deftly
polite, well-mannered, and respectful
a) morosely b) deftly c) instituting d) civilized
to set up, to establish
a) agility b) civilized c) emphatically d) instituting
fierce, ferocious, or cruel; like a savage beast
a) savage b) emphatically c) morosely d) agility
You can tell when the teacher is angry because he or she will scream...
a) agility b) skeptically c) civilized d) emphatically
Someone who can remember everything they see has a ___________memory.
a) civilized b) morosely c) photographic d) skeptically
I wish more people were polite and ...
a) civilized b) morosely c) instituting d) skeptically
The school is ________________ new rules for how to behave in the cafeteria.
a) morosely b) deftly c) instituting d) skeptically
I looked at him ______________ because he usually didn't tell the truth.
a) deftly b) skeptically c) morosely d) emphatically
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