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The Great Pyramids were built during
a) the New Kingdom b) the Old Kingdom c) the Middle Kingdom d) the Future Kingdom
The Israelites were different from most ancient peoples in that they (the Israelites) were
a) monotheistic b) polytheistic c) atheists d) democratic
According to the Torah, Abraham made a covenant with God in which _________________ was promised to the Hebrews.
a) Egypt b) Canaan c) India d) Alexandria
The first five books of the Hebrew Bible are also called
a) the New Testament b) the Psalms c) the Torah d) the Koran
The pharaoh's right hand man in Ancient Egypt was the
a) vizier b) chief scribe c) satrap d) general of the army
Which of the following aided scholars in deciphering the meaning of hieroglyphics?
a) the Pnyx Diamond b) the Rosetta Stone c) Hammurabi's Stele d) King Tut's tomb
Egypt's first known female pharaoh was
a) Hatshepsut b) Cleopatra c) Nefertiti d) Ramses II
Which king united Upper and Lower Egypt?
a) Tut b) Menes c) Moses d) Ramses I
Which of the following are not associated with the Ancient Egyptians?
a) obelisks b) bulas c) cartouches d) pyramids
During the Egyptian embalming process, which organ was left in the body?
a) the brain b) the heart c) the intestines d) the lungs
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