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if there is 21.5% cytosine, how much guanine should be in the DNA
a) 21.5 b) 28.8 c) 19.1 d) 13.4
Which enzyme adds the new complimentary base during replication?
a) helicase b) RNA polymerase c) double helicase d) histones
a DNA strand has CCG TTC, what would the compliment strand look like?
DNA is made of a sugar, a phosphate and a ...
a) nitrogen base b) lipid c) carbon d) oxygen base
DNA is made of a sugar, a phosphate, and a...
a) nitrogen base b) a bigger sugar c) a carbon group d) a lipid
Which protein helps to unwind DNA?
a) DNA polymerase b) DNA activase c) histones d) chromotids
which phase of mitosis involves replication?
a) prophase b) metaphase c) anaphase d) telophase
Meiosis is different than mitosis because...
a) meiosis happens in sex cells not body cells b) mitosis happens in sex cells not body cells c) mitosis happens in every cell in the human body d) meiosis only ever happens once in a lifetime
a normal cell has 46 chromosomes, how many in the haploid cell?
a) 23 b) 92 c) 13 d) 21
meiosis results in _____ cells
a) 4 b) 3 c) 2 d) 1
meiosis results in ___________ cells
a) haploid b) diploid c) ployploid d) muliploid
Chargaff's rule states that...
a) A pairs with T b) C pairs with A c) G pairs with T d) C pairs with T
which includes the others?
a) chromosomes b) DNA c) genes d) nucleotides
When does DNA replication occur?
a) during the S phase of the cell cycle b) during the G 1 phase c) during the G 2 phase d) during mitosis
what is cytokinesis?
a) when the cytoplsm splits in two b) when the DNA splits in two c) when the cell membrane is repaired d) when the plant cell wall grows
What is binary fission?
a) how prokayotic cells divide b) how eukaryotic cells divide c) how sex cells divide d) how chromosomes divide
Which stage of mitosis invloves chromosomes lined up in the middle?
a) metaphase b) interphase c) anaphase d) telophase
How do eukaryotic cells divide?
a) cell division b) binary fission c) mutations d) duplication
what is the difference between a prokaryote and a eukaryote?
a) eukaryotes have a cell membrane, prokaryotes do not b) prokaryotes have a cell membrane, eukaryotes do not c) prokaryotes are more complex than eukaryotes d) eukaryotes are smaller than prokaryotes
what happens during mitosis?
a) the nucleus of the cell divides b) the cytoplasm divides c) the DNA is copied d) the DNA is replicated
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