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Which of these describes a likely reason why a species would become extinct after a major environmental change
a) There are not enough members of the species born with a trait necessary to survive in the new environment b) The environmental changes mean fewer predators around the world c) The change in the environment opens new resources with less competition d) There are more homes for the species in the changed environment
Some animals have an adaptation allowign the change in coloration to match their surroundings. The process of changing coloration is called
a) Blending b) Imprinting c) Mutation d) Camoflage
What protects living things from ultra-violet ratiation
a) Ozone b) Oxygen c) Nitrogen d) Troposphere
This scientist traveled on the HMS Beagle as a naturalist, where he saw differences among species, and formed the idea of how bilogical evolution occurs
a) Harry Hess b) Jean-Baptiste Lamarck c) Charles Darwin d) Alfred Wegener
Change in DNA genetic material
a) Evolution b) Genetic Variation c) Mutation d) Symbiotic
Characteristics that improves an individual's ability to survive and reproduce in a particular environment
a) Adaptation b) Evolution c) Migration d) Natural Selection
What is a variation called when it helps an organism survive
a) Adaptation b) Exctinction c) Migration d) Competition
The human practice of breeding animals or plants that have certain desired traits
a) Natural Selection b) Genetic Variation c) Adaptation d) Artificial Selection
Death of every member of a species
a) Evolution b) Extinction c) Symbiosis d) Genetics
Process by which individuals that are better adapted to the environment survive and reproduce more successfully
a) Adaptation b) Artificial Selection c) Natural Selection d) Evolution
Gradual change over generations
a) Adaptation b) Evolution c) Genetic Variation d) Natural Selectoin
Herditary or non-heriditary differences between different individuals of a population
a) Genetic Variation b) Mutation c) Evolution d) Genetic Variation
I an organism's habitat and food source become depleted what could the organism do to survive?
a) Become Extinct b) Move c) Adapt d) Turn into a new species
Which shows the steps of scientific inquiry in the correct order
a) Conclusion, Experiment, Hypothesis, Question, Record and Analyze Data b) Experiment Hypothesis, Record and Analyze Data, Question, Conclusion c) Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Conclusion, Record and Analyze Data d) Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Record and Analyze Data, Conclusion
How would you find the volume of a cube
a) Length x Height b) Length x width c) Height x Width d) Length x Width x Height
What is the formula for density
a) Density = Mass multiplied by Volume b) Density = Volume divided by Height c) Density = Mass divided by Volume d) Y = mx + b
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