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What the different types of closet doors?
a) bi-fold b) sliding c) flush d) all of these are appropriate types of closet doors
What is the minimum size for a bedroom closet?
a) 2'x8' b) 2'x10' c) 2'x6' d) 3'x6'
The top of a window should generally be at the same height as the top of _________.
a) roof b) exterior door c) garage door d) sill plate
What scale is typical for an exterior elevation?
a) 1/4 inch equals a foot b) 1/2 inch equals a foot c) 3/4 inch equals a foot d) 7/8 inch equals a foot
What types of dimensions are generally shown on an Elevation Drawing?
a) height dimensions b) length dimensions c) width dimensions d) depth dimensions
Water heaters typically need _________ of space for instillation.
a) 10 inches b) 15 inches c) 25 inches d) 30 inches
Exterior walls are dimensioned to the __________ of a stud wall.
a) Inside b) Outside c) Center d)
The FHA recommends more closet space for a woman than for a man?
a) True b) False c) d)
An L-shaped kitchen is located along what 2 type of walls?
a) adjacent b) parallel c) foundation d)
What is the recommended perimeter of the work triangle?
a) 10' b) 15' c) 32' d) 22'
What 3 objects does the work triangle touch?
a) Sink, Fridge, Kitchen Table b) Fridge, Sink, Range c) Sink, Dishwasher, Stove d) Fridge, Stove, Dishwasher
What room will you typically see the work triangle in?
a) Bedroom b) Kitchen c) Bathroom d) Garage
Which way should your interior doors typically swing
a) Out b) In c) Out and In d) Any way I want
What rooms are included in the living area space?
a) Living, Sleeping, Service b) Sleeping, Kitchen, Bathroom c) Laundry, Bedroom, Bathroom d) Living, Family, and Den
Which of the following areas of a residence will you most likely entertain guests?
a) Sleeping b) Living c) Service d) Mud
What are the 3 basic areas of a residence?
a) Living, Sleeping, Service b) Living, Family, Laundry c) Family, Mud, Den d) Kitchen, Living, Family
What is the minimum square footage for a bedroom?
a) 200 b) 300 c) 100 d) 150
To be considered a bedroom the room must have a ___________.
a) Fan b) Closet c) Carpet d) Bed
What is the minimum square footage of a bathroom?
a) 10 b) 20 c) 30 d) 40
What is the largest bedroom in a residence typically called?
a) Big Bedroom b) On-Suite c) Master Bedroom d) XL Bedroom
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