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Approximately, estimate, about....... are key words to help us...
a) round b) simplify c) go to lowes d)
The term: each- is a key word that tell us ...
a) to either add or subtract b) to multiply or divide c) to count items three time only d) to add every side to help you simplify
Quotient is a key word for?
a) addition b) multiplication c) divide d) fractions
The key words: share and group(s) are key words that go with...
a) division b) addition c) rounding d) subtracting
Remainder is a key word that goes with?
a) subtraction b) multiplication c) division d) addition
Factor(s) can be best defined as ?
a) numbers you multiply b) numbers yuo divide c) numbers you add d) prime numbers
taller, shorter, bigger, greater ... are keywords that tell us that we probably need to?
a) add b) subtract c) divide d) multiply
The key word : product tell us to ?
a) divide b) subtract c) add d) mutliply
The term: differences tell us that we probably need to?
a) subtract b) add c) multiply d) divide
The key word: how much more tells that we probably need to ?
a) add b) subtract c) multiply d) divide
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