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Which of the following is the largest minority group in the United States?
a) Hispanic-American b) African-American c) Asian-American d) Native-American
The result of cultural assimilation is?
a) cultures remain unique b) all cultures are eliminated c) that distinct groups blend into a single group d) deviant behavior ceases
How do children learn gender role behaviors?
a) through education b) through socialization c) through determination d) through democracy
The division of society into categories, ranks or classes?
a) social inequality b) social programming c) social justice d) social stratification
The ability to control the behavior of others?
a) power b) prestige c) politics d) philosophy
Which class is considered the lowest in the class system
a) lowerclass b) underclass c) middle class d) social class
Which form of mobility is defined as mobility within a social class?
a) social b) latitudinal c) horizontal d) vertical
Which of the following groups is NOT one of the 3 most impacted by poverty?
a) elderly b) young c) women d) minorities
A category of people who share inherited biological characteristics is a(n)
a) friend network b) voting bloc c) ethnic group d) race
The belief that one sex is by nature superior to the other is?
a) sexism b) racism c) ageism d) genderism
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