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List two (2) inventions and describe their impact on life in the 1800's.
a) f b) c) d)
What were the chief goals of labor unions? (What did they want for their workers?)
a) f b) c) d)
California receiving station that opened in 1910.
a) Ellis Island b) Devil's Island c) Angel Island d) Riker'sIsland
New York receiving station that opened in 1892.
a) Ellis Island b) Angel Island c) Devil's Island d) Riker's Island
President of the American Federation of Labor in 1881.
a) Samuel Gompers b) John D. Rockefeller c) Cornelius Vanderbilt d) Thomas Edison
He was awarded the patent for the telephone in 1876.
a) John D. Rockefeller b) Alexander G. Bell c) Samuel Gompers d) Thomas Edison
He was a railroad and shipping tycoon.
a) Thomas Edison b) Cornelius Vanderbilt c) Samuel Gompers d) John D. Rockefeller
The Wizard of Menlo Park, which built the first NYC power plant.
a) Cornelius Vanderbilt b) Samuel Gompers c) John D. Rockefeller d) Thomas Edison
He founded Standard Oil Company and soon controlled 95% of the oil industry in America.
a) Cornelius Vanderbilt b) John D. Rockefeller c) Samuel Gompers d) Alexander G. Bell
Choose one (1) Robber Baron, (Carnegie, Rockefeller, Morgan, or Vanderbilt) and describe the impact they had on their industry.
a) f b) c) d)
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