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Which is NOT an organ in the Respiratory system?
a) The Liver b) The Lung c) The Trachea d) The Pharynx
What is the Epiglottis?
a) An organ that moves oxygen into the bloodstream b) A flap of tissue that covers the windpipe c) Connective tissue that creates your voice d) Moves Air into the Lungs
Whats the purpose of an alveoli?
a) To help you breath b) To produce your voice c) To create blood cells d) To move oxygen into the blood stream
What is a Diaphragm?
a) A Muscle b) A Blood cell type c) A Type of cell d) An Organ that produces bodily fluids
What does the Bronchi do?
a) It helps the Vocal Cords b) It creates friction to help you release CO2 c) It Pushes Oxygen into the Lungs d) It Pulls air into the Body
Whats the point of the Trachea?
a) To convert Oxygen to CO2 b) To tunnel Oxygen into the Lungs c) To bring Oxygen to the Brain d) To connect the Bronchi to the Lungs
What is the main point of the Lungs?
a) To bring Oxygen to the Diaphragm b) To bring Oxygen to the Alveoli c) To bring Oxygen to the Brain d) To bring Oxygen to the Trachea
What is the Bronchi described as?
a) A Tunnel b) A Muscle c) A Bone d) A converter of Oxygen to CO2
How important is the Respiratory system?
a) Not too important (It Doesn't do Much) b) Extremely Important (It helps us breath) c) Not needed to live (Doesn't Do anything to help the body) d) We cant live without it (We need it to breath)
What system interferes with the Respiratory system?
a) The Circulatory b) The Skeletal c) The Digestive d) The Muscular
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