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one of a kind; special
a) unique b) secure c) identity d) error
to see or hear someone and know who the person is
a) unique b) identity c) recognize d) respond
who a person is
a) recognize b) respond c) identity d) unique
safe and not likely to be at risk
a) decieve b) error c) recognize d) secure
to trick
a) decieve b) unique c) recognize d) error
a mistake
a) decieve b) error c) evident d) precisely
truly or sincerely
a) precisely b) genuinely c) precisely d) evident
to react to something that has been said or done
a) repsond b) evident c) deceive d) error
a) respond b) error c) precisely d) evident
easily noticed or understood
a) genuinely b) evident c) deceive d) identity
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