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Who wrote The Republic?
a) Plato b) Aristotle c) Sophocles d) Socrates
Homer wrote the Iliad and
a) Antigone b) Lives c) Odyssey d) Aeneid
Cervantes was a(an) ___ author
a) American b) Spanish c) French d) English
In which city was Mars' Hill located?
a) Athens b) Corinth c) Thebes d) Rome
Who was Hector's father?
a) Daedulus b) Hercules c) Odysseus d) Priam
Captain Ahab is from which novel?
a) Moby Dick b) Don Quixote c) SIlas Marner d) War and Peace
The story of Utnapishtim is similar to the real story of ___
a) Adam b) Job c) Noah d) Satan
In which city does Antigone take place?
a) Athens b) Thebes c) Rome d) Corinth
Who was Brutus's wife
a) Portia b) Penelope c) Octavia d) Calpurnia
Who wrote Discourse on Method?
a) Rene Descartes b) Jean Jacques Rousseau c) Isaac Newton d) Robert Pascal
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