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What was the theory called that talked about the ability of continents to move over time?
a) Pangaea b) Law of Superposition c) continental drift d) crust
What was the ancient supercontinent called that existed millions of years ago?
a) Pangaea b) Australia c) U.S. d) Europe
What part of the Earth do all organisms live on?
a) Pangaea b) volcano c) earthquakes d) crust
What belief leads geologists to understand that the oldest fossils are on the bottom layer of rocks?
a) continental drift b) Law of Superposition c) layers d) volcano
Where does an intrusion happen?
a) inside the Earth b) outside the Earth c) in the Earth's core d) in the Earth's mantle
What can occur along a fault line?
a) trouble b) earthquakes c) nothing d) movement
What is a geological example of an extrusion?
a) volcano b) earthquake c) mountain d) valley
The oldest layer is on the ______.
a) bottom b) top c) middle d) toward the bottom
The youngest layer is on the _____.
a) bottom b) top c) middle d) nowhere
Who came up with the idea of Continental Drift?
a) Plato b) Einstein c) Alfred Wegener d) Homer Simpson
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