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The most commonly spoken languages in Latin America today are ______________ and _______________.
a) French - English b) Spanish - English c) Spanish - Portuguese d) Spanish - French
Toussaint L'Overture, who was born a slave, is considered to be the symbol of Haitian independence from France.
a) True b) False c) -- d) --
Europeans imported slaves to work in mines and agricultural plantations of their New World colonies as a part of the Columbian Exchange. The majority of these slaves were imported from ___________.
a) Asia b) Africa c) Europe d) Australia
What is a tariff and why would a government put one in place?
a) a limit on the amount of imported goods that can come into a country - to make foreign goods cheaper b) a limit on the amount of imported goods that can come into a country - to make foreign goods more expensive c) a tax on imported goods - to make foreign goods cheaper d) a tax on imported goods - to make foreign goods more expensive
When Spain added the Inca Empire to their own, they became very wealthy from the gold and riches of the Inca civilization. Who was the last Sapa Inca or king of the Inca people when the Spanish conquered them?
a) Atahualpa b) Chichen Itza c) Montezuma II d) Huana Capac
Which of the following did NOT give the Spanish an advantage when fighting/conquering the civilizations of ancient Latin America?
a) Horses b) Guns c) Spanish Language d) Diseases
Which of the following was NOT introduced to the people of the America's FROM Europeans for the first time during the Columbian Exchange?
a) Corn b) Christianity c) Guns d) None of These - The Europeans introduced ALL of these things to the America's for the first time.
______________________ is credited with conquering the Aztec Empire of central Mexico in the name of Spain.
a) Alphonse Sucre b) Hernan Cortes c) Francisco Pizarro d) Hernando de Soto
In the US and Russia, power is shared between central and regional governments. The regional governments can make some of their own laws, as long as they don't break the rules of the central government. This describes a _______________ system.
a) unitary b) confederation c) oligarchic d) federal
Nazi Germany is an example of a government in which all power lies in the hands of one person. Citizen participation in this form of government doesn't really exist. What term would we use to describe such a government?
a) democracy b) autocracy c) oligarchy d) communist
In my country the citizens directly elect our head of government and head of state. One person has both of these jobs.
a) parliamentary democracy b) communist oligarchy c) presidential democracy d) autocratic dictatorship
Which of the following would be an example of how an entrepreneur could improve the Gross Domestic Product (GDP)?
a) closing down a factory b) giving people jobs so they can have money to spend c) firing workers d) None of these would help the GDP
In my country, our head of government is called Prime Minister. She is not elected directly by the citizens. She is the leader of the political party with the most seats in the legislature.
a) parliamentary democracy b) presidential democracy c) autocratic dictatorship d) religious theocracy
Which of the following would be an example of investment in physical capital?
a) A delivery company buys faster trucks. b) A delivery company plants trees. c) A delivery company hires someone to train it's workers to load trucks faster. d) None of These
In most countries, producers and consumers are free to make most of their own economic choices, but the governments make some economic rules for the purpose of public safety. What do we call this type of economic system?
a) command b) market c) oligarchy d) mixed
In this type of economic system producers and consumers are free to make their own economic choices without ANY government interference.
a) market b) communist c) command d) autocracy
In this type of economic system the government makes ALL economic decisions.
a) market b) capitalist c) command d) traditional
Simon Bolivar is the name of the leader that led Mexico to win it's independence from France.
a) True b) False c) -- d) --
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