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Why does Esperanza not like the labor camp?
a) it is too big and fancy b) it is too dirty and small c) there are too many animals d) she loves the camp
Why do the strikers get taken back to Mexico?
a) They are all illegal immigrants b) the American government is tired of their problems c) they ask to go to Mexico d)
Why do the strikers put glass in the asparagus baskets?
a) To scare the workers so they will join the strike b) to hurt as many people as possible because they are mean c) to make the asparagus dangerous to eat d) they are bored
What does Isabel pray for every night?
a) To be a celebrity b) to get a job c) to get an A on her test d) to win Queen of May
Why do people at the camp make fun of Esperanza?
a) she is spoiled and does not know how to do work b) She forgot everyone's name c) she did not speak their language d) she was too shy
Who is Miguel?
a) Esperanza's little brother b) Esperanza's evil uncle c) One of the servant boys from Rancho de las rosas d) a boss at the labor camp
One symbol seen in our book is
a) A rose with many thorns b) A rainbow c) A newborn baby d) The sun shining
when the author gives a hint about what will happen next in a story
a) flashback b) inference c) personification d) foreshadowing
A literary device that compares two things without using like or as
a) metaphor b) personification c) foreshadowing d) flashback
A theme for this book would be...
a) Love conquers all b) Bad guys finish last c) keep the hope, life gets better d) friendship is the key to happiness
How does Papa die?
a) Heart attack b) killed by bandits c) car accident d) valley fever
How does mama get sick?
a) Valley Fever from the dust storm b) She is outside in the rain for too long c) the flu d) allergies from all of the plants
Where does the beginning of the book take place?
a) California b) Mexico c) Peru d) Indianapolis
Where does the second half of the story take place?
a) California b) Mexico c) Peru d) Indianapolis
What took place in America during the setting of our novel?
a) The Civil War b) The Great depression c) The Civil Rights movement d) Boston Tea Party
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