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The process of physically and chemically breaking food particles down is referred to as _____.
a) defecation b) digestion c) ingestion d) absoprtion
The active, voluntary process of placing food in one's mouth is __________.
a) defecation b) mastication c) ingestion d) deglutition
The process of eliminating indigestible residues from the GI tract is called _________.
a) defecation b) deglutition c) micturation d) mastication
The energy value of foods is measured in units called __________.
a) hertz b) joules c) BMI d) calories
__________ refers to all chemical reactions necessary to maintain life.
a) digestion b) homeostasis c) metabolism d) nutrition
___________ describes the set of metabolic pathways that build larger molecules from smaller units.
a) anabolism b) metabolism c) catabolism d) glucogenesis
_________ describes the metabolic pathways that break down larger molecules into smaller units, releasing energy in the process.
a) anabolism b) nutrition c) catabolism d) metabolism
Which of these is not an example of mechanical digestion?
a) chewing food b) mixing food with tongue c) food combining with enzymes in the stomach d) churning food in the stomach
Which of these is not an example of chemical digestion?
a) breaking down carbohydrates into simple sugar b) peristaltic waves c) breaking down proteins into amino acids d) breaking down fats into fatty acids
_________ is the alternating waves of contractions and relaxations that squeeze food along the GI tract.
a) catabolism b) anabolism c) defecation d) peristalsis
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