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This Era includes the search for the Northwest Passage and religious freedom in the New World.
a) Exploration/Colonization b) Revolution c) Constitution d) Early Republic
This Era includes the battles of Lexington, Saratoga, and Yorktown.
a) Constitution b) Revolution c) Early Republic d) Age of Jackson
This Era includes the Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches.
a) Age of Jackson b) Reform c) Constution d) Reconstruction
This Era includes the terms of Presidents Washington thru Monroe.
a) Westward Expansion b) Sectionalism c) Civil War d) Early Republic
The Era includes Indian Removal and the Bank Wars.
a) Age of Jackson b) Reform Movements c) Sectionalism d) Civil War
This Era include the belief that the U.S. would expand from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean.
a) Age of Jackson b) Westward Expansion c) Reform Movements d) Sectionalism
This Ere includes temperance, education, abolition, women's rights.
a) Early Republic b) Sectionalism c) Reform Movements d) Constitution
The Era includes The Compromise of 1850, the Dred Scott Case, and John Brown's Raid.
a) Revolution b) Reconstruction c) Age of Jackson d) Sectionalism
The Era includes the battles of Fort Sumter, Gettysburg, and Vicksburg.
a) Civil War b) Reconstruction c) Revolution d) Exploration/Colonization
This Era included Lincoln's ideas of bringing the South back into the Union peacefully.
a) Early Republic b) Reconstruction c) Reform Movements d) Revolution
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