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When the Communist Party lost elections in June 1991, the Soviet Union _________________.
a) collapsed b) thrived c) spread its power d) built a wall
In Hungary, Parliament voted to allow freedom of speech, free elections and disassemble the _________________.
a) 38th parallel demilitarized zone b) 17th parallel demilitarized zone c) Berlin Wall d) Iron Curtain
In 1989, Gorbachev repudiated (revoked, reversed) the Brezhnev Doctrine which led to a series of amazing events. Hence, 1989 became known as the ___________________.
a) Year of Breakthroughs b) Year of Miracles c) Year of Freedom d) Year of Breaking Down the Wall
What major policy changes did Mikhail Gorbachev implement?
a) Glasnost and Perestroika b) Glasnost and Truman Doctrine c) Perestroika and Brezhnev Doctrine d) Perestroika and Gorbachev Doctrine
Who was the leader who helped the Cold War to start thawing in 1985?
a) Nikata Khruschev b) Mikhail Gorbachev c) Fidel Castro d) Joseph Stalin
Which of the following was a cause of WWI?
a) pacifism b) a trade imblalance c) state's rights d) the alliance system
a) f b) c) d)
a) f b) c) d)
a) f b) c) d)
a) f b) c) d)
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