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Belief that it is the fate of the US to occupy North America From Atlantic to Pacific coasts.
a) Manifest Destiny b) Louisiana Purchase c) Mormons d) Gadsden Purchase
Came to America to escape famine
a) No one did that b) Swedish Immigrants c) German Immigrants d) Irish Immigrants
Purchased from Spain in 1819 for 5 million dollars
a) Michigan b) Louisiana Purchase c) Florida d) Mexican Cession
Religious group founded by Joseph smith who migrated to Utah
a) Mormons b) Catholics c) Witches d) The followers of Mr. Albares
Occurrence of statehood in 1845 following independence from Mexico
a) Annexation of Texas b) Mexican Cession c) Gadsden Purchase d) Michigan
1803 purchase of land from France that doubled the size of the country
a) Annexation of Texas b) Flordia c) Louisiana Purchase d) That did not happen
Tendency of people living in a particular region to develop their own unique way of life
a) Manifest Destiny b) Federalism c) Reconstruction d) sectionalism
Law that allowed Southern slave owners to hunt down escaped slaves in the North.
a) No shirt, not shoes, no service b) Fugitive Slave Law c) Compromise of 1850 d) Dred Scott Decision
Resulted in an American victory and established the Rio Grand border with Mexico
a) US-Mexican War b) French and Indian War c) Battle of Bull Run d) Rio Grand War
Critics of the Kansas - Nebraska Act founded this organization to stop the spread of slavery
a) Republican Party b) Ms. Lewis Party c) Democratic Party d) Independent Party
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