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Which word means the OPPOSITE of unexpected?
a) predicted b) surprising c) unintended d) unlikely
not planned for or predicted
a) declined b) probable c) widespread d) unexpected
successful or strong
a) declined b) identify c) thrive d) disorder
happening over a large area or affecting many people
a) declined b) identify c) widespread d) disorder
able to tell exactly what something is
a) widespread b) declined c) thrive d) identify
a sickness or ailment
a) disorder b) widespread c) thrive d) declined
to grow weaker or smaller in number
a) declined b) disorder c) identify d) thrive
likely to happen or be true
a) declined b) probable c) identify d) thrive
having to do with farms or farming
a) agricultural b) identify c) declined d) widepread
Which word means almost the same as disorder?
a) ailment b) cure c) demand d) favor
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