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Tú has perdido
a) You have lost b) You had lost c) You will have lost d) You would have lost
Ellos habrán llegado
a) They have arrived b) They had arrived c) They will have arrived d) They would have arrived
Nosotros habríamos cantado
a) We have sung b) We had sung c) We will have sung d) We would have sung
Ella ha comido
a) She has eaten b) She had eaten c) She will have eaten d) She would have eaten
Yo había visto
a) I have seen b) I had seen c) I will have seen d) I would have seen
Habremos dicho
a) We have said b) We had said c) We will have said d) We would have said
Vosotros habíais resuelto
a) You have solved b) You had solved c) You will have solved d) You would have solved
Me habré dormido
a) I have fallen asleep b) I had fallen asleep c) I will have fallen asleep d) I would have fallen asleep
Tú habías visitado
a) You have visited b) You had visited c) You would have visited d) You will have visited
Habría bailado
a) I have danced b) I had danced c) I will have danced d) I would have danced
Han roto
a) They have broken b) They had broken c) They will have broken d) They would have broken
Habrás leído
a) You have read b) You had read c) You will have read d) You would have read
Habíamos salido
a) We have left b) We had left c) We will have left d) We would have left
Habrá abierto
a) It has opened b) It had opened c) It will have opened d) It would have opened
Habríais ido
a) You have gone b) You had gone c) You will have gone d) You would have gone
They had been
a) Ellos han sido b) Ellos habían sido c) Ellos habrán sido d) Ellos habrían sido
I have written
a) He escrito b) Había escrito c) Habré escrito d) Habría escrito
They would have done
a) Han hecho b) Habían hecho c) Habrán hecho d) Habrían hecho
We have woken
a) Nos hemos despertado b) Nos habíamos despertado c) Nos habremos despertado d) Nos habríamos despertado
She would have put
a) Ha puesto b) Había puesto c) Habrá puesto d) Habría puesto
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