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Eras are divided into_________.
a) Periods b) Epochs c) Centuries d) Years
These types of fossils can be used to determine the relative age of rock layers. What are these fossils ccalled?
a) Index Fossils b) Age Fossils c) Rock Fossils d) Presserved Fossils
Which law states that each rock layer is older than the one above it?
a) Law of Rocks b) Law of Superstion c) Law of Superposition d) Law of Layered Rocks
The age of one object compared to the age of another object is called?
a) relative age b) age c) fossil age d) old age
A _____________ fossiil forms whe n organisms or parts, like leaves,stems,flowers,fish,are presssed between layers of soft mud or clay that hsrden, squeezing almost all of the organism away.
a) Carbonized b) cast c) Petrified d) Trace
A _____________fossil forms when a mold is filled with sand or mud that hardens into the shape of the organism.
a) Cast b) Mold c) Petrified d) Trace
A_____________ fossil forms when minerals soak into te burried remaiins,replacing the remains,and changing them into rock.
a) Petrified b) Preserved c) Cast d) Carbonized
A ___________ fossil forms when sediments bury an organism and the sediments cange to rock; the organism decays leaving a cavity in the shape of the organism.
a) Mold b) Cast c) Petrified d) Preserved
________ are the preserved remains or traces of an organism that lived in the past usually more than 10,000 years ago.
a) Fossils b) Bones c) Fossil Record d) History Book
Which Era did human first aappear in?
a) Paleozoic era b) Mesozoic Era c) Cenozoic Era d)
Which Era did the first amphbians appear in?
a) Paleozoic Era b) Mesozoic Era c) Cenozoic Era d)
Which Era did mammals and birds first appear in?
a) Mesozoic Era b) Cenozoic Era c) Paleozoic Era d)
Periods are divided in to ____?
a) Epochs b) years c) centuries d)
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