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Town barber who comes to Leela's house to shave her head
a) Bapuji b) Lakha c) Fat Soma d) Nathu
Character who is married to Fat Soma
a) Pushpa b) Saviben c) Tara d) Jaya
Principal of Leela's school who starts coming to Leela's house to teach her while she's keeping corner
a) Pushpa b) Puri c) Saviben d) Shani
Character who takes care of Leela's family's animals
a) Kaka b) Fat Soma c) Lakha d) Ramanlal
Leela's father believes in the superstitious idea that the kalotar snake is trying to kill Leela.
a) True b) False c) Do not choose d) Do not choose
What is the name of the bill that would allow the British government to throw any Indian citizen in jail for any reason?
a) Rowlatt Bill b) Bill of Rights c) Declaration of Authority d) Gandhiji Bill
What member of Leela's family is very against Saviben having any influence over Leela?
a) Ba b) Masi c) Kanubhai d) Kaki
What does Leela ask Kanubhai to bring her from the farm?
a) Mangos b) Corn c) Cotton d) Peanuts
Who does Fat Soma want to share his penda (sweet treat) with?
a) Puri (his sister) b) Pushpa (his wife) c) Jivima (his mother) d) Ramanlal (his best friend)
What does Leela encounter when she goes outside at night to get a drink of water?
a) Jivima, the widow neighbor, watching her to make sure she isn't wearing bangles b) A beautiful butterfly c) Ramanlal's ghost d) A kalotar snake
What is Lakha's fiancé's name?
a) Saviben b) Tara c) Jaya d) Shani
How does Leela feel AT FIRST toward Shani and her marriage to Lakha?
a) Happy because she has a new friend to keep corner with b) Scared because Shani seems evil c) Jealous because she is living the life Leela could have lived with Ramanlal d) Angry because Leela had been engaged to Lakha before Shani came around, and Lakha dumped her
Who is the writer of the book of ideas Saviben gave to Leela
a) Narmad b) Kanubhai c) Bapuji d) Lakha
What are the 2 professions Leela is interested in working in?
a) Teacher/Engineer b) Doctor/Architect c) Teacher/Doctor d) Homemaker/Scientist
Who becomes Leela's friend in Chapter 14?
a) Tara b) Shani c) Heeraben d) Jivima
What do the officials from the British government take from Bapuji since he won't pay taxes?
a) Their television and computer b) Dahi and Mani (their animals) c) Their house and their wagon d) The children's toys and the adults' cooking utensils
What does Leela name the calf?
a) Mani b) Jaya c) Lakha d) Dahi
What does Gandhi want Indian citizens to do that Leela disagrees with?
a) Pay taxes to the British even though they don't have enough money b) Fight alongside the English in the war even though the war isn't in India c) Start making their own clothes in India because she loves British fabrics much more d) He wants girls to start going to school and Leela thinks that's offensive because girls should work in the home
Which animal gets the most special treatment by Lakha?
a) Joni, the duck b) Dahi, the donkey c) Joni, the cow d) Dahi, the water buffalo
Leela's aunt who lives with her family and who Leela has a close relationship with
a) Kaka b) Kaki c) Masi d) Ba
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