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Work depends on _____.
a) force b) both force and distance c) distance d) neither force nor distance
When water is heated on a stove, which kind of energy is transferred?
a) gravitational energy b) potential energy c) kinetic energy d) thermal energy
What is the most common source of energy in the United States?
a) coal b) petroleum c) natural gas d) renewable energy
Newton’s first law of motion says that an object in motion will remain in motion unless acted upon by a force. Yet, if you slide a box across the floor, it will not continue sliding. What force is acting on the box to slow it down?
a) friction b) gravity c) potential d) kinetic
An object that has gained electrons is _____.
a) positively charged b) electrically neutral c) negatively charged d) positively and negatively charged
Which of the following is NOT a necessary characteristic of a living thing?
a) Living things are made of cells. b) Living things eat. c) Living things grow and develop. d) Living things reproduce.
A kite stuck in a tree has ____ energy.
a) potential b) kinetic c) chemical d) thermal
Marco put a pot of water on to boil eggs. After a few minutes, all the water was gone. This is an example of _____.
a) condensation b) sublimation c) deposition d) vaporization
Chloroplasts capture light energy and produce _____.
a) ATP molecules and carbohydrates b) DNA and RNA c) carbohydrates and DNA d) ATP molecules and DNA
Work _____ energy.
a) transmits b) reflects c) transfers d) stops
The smallest unit of life is the _____.
a) cell b) homeostasis c) organism d) communication with other cells
Which of the following is NOT a form of energy?
a) mechanical energy b) paper energy c) nuclear energy d) electrical energy
Besides storage, what does a vacuole provide in a plant cell?
a) energy b) structure c) protein production d) communication with other cells
____ is a fossil fuel.
a) Oil b) Electricity c) Water d) Nuclear fuel
The thermal energy of an object is ____.
a) its potential energy b) its average kinetic energy c) its potential energy minus its kinetic energy d) its kinetic energy plus its potential energy
Which of the following is NOT a type of muscle tissue?
a) cardiac b) smooth c) skeletal d) striated
In a fireworks display, energy is released in _____.
a) light b) heat c) sound d) all of the above
How do substances get in and out of a cell?
a) They move through holes in the cell membrane. b) They are transported by RNA. c) They are transported by proteins. d) They do not move in and out of cells.
Each of the following elements is magnetic EXCEPT _____.
a) aluminum b) iron c) cobalt d) nickel
Increasing the speed of an object ____ its potential energy.
a) does not affect b) increases c) decreases d) changes
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