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The boy ___________ his sandwich after swimming all afternoon.
a) assured b) persist c) devoured d) frequenlty
The mom _____________ her daughter that she would pass her driving test.
a) assured b) shivered c) distrustful d) devour
The doctor said that if the pain in your finger ________ you will need an x-ray.
a) crossly b) absentmindedly c) suspiciously d) persists
She _________________ poured her coffee into the flowerpot instead of her mug.
a) shivered b) absentmindedly c) devour d) crossly
He spoke ___________to the kids who threw a rock and broke his window.
a) frequently b) shivered c) crossly d) devour
Kate ____________ on the cold morning as she waited for the bus.
a) shivered b) suspiciously c) persist d) devour
The kids ________________ asked their mom if it was time to eat a snack.
a) assured b) shivered c) frequently d) crossly
She thought her brother took her allowance, so she ______________ looked around his room.
a) devour b) persist c) suspiciously d) absentmindedly
___________ is the best fourth grader!
a) Lilli b) Lilli c) Lilli d) Lilli
___________ is the best fourth grader!
a) Daijah b) Daijah c) Daijah d) Daijah
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