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1. Should you support your kids giving out personal information?
a) A: Totally. b) B: Uhm, no. Never. c) d)
2. If you see a fellow student doing inappropriate stuff on the internet, should you tell the teacher?
a) A: Of course! They should know! b) B: Nah. c) d)
3. If something pops up on your computer, that says “Download this so you can watch Captain America, Civil war before anyone else!” should you download it without your teachers permission?
a) A;Probably not, I should ask them first b) B;They’d be okay with it I think. Let’s download it! c) d)
4. If we all go to the computer lab, should we have our drinks right next to the computers?
a) A: No, it could spill... b) B: Yes, I think we won’t spill it. c) d)
5. Should you print without permission?
a) A: What harm could it do? I print what I want. b) B: It costs money and could break the printer if I print too much, I better ask before I print.. c) d)
6. Is it true that you can record videos with jing?
a) A; Yes! b) B; Nah. c) d)
7. Can you screenshot on your computer with jing?
a) A; Nope. b) B; Yep! c) d)
8. Will Jing always stay on your computer screen?
a) A: yes, I usually put it on the corner so I don’t have to deal with it b) B: Nope. It goes away never to be seen. c) d)
9. When you video record with jing, can you hear your voice or not?
a) A: Not at all b) B: of course it records it! c) d)
10. Is jing a spamware?
a) A: Yes b) B; nooooope. c) d)
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