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a group of traveling merchants and animals
a) sheikh b) Bedouin c) oasis d) caravan
the holy book of Islam
a) Bedouin b) oasis c) Quran d) caravan
a desert herder who went from place to place
a) sheikh b) Bedouin c) oasis d) Quran
a green area fed by underground water
a) sheikh b) oasis c) Quran d) caravan
the head of a tribe
a) sheikh b) Bedouin c) oasis d) caravan
__________ covers most of the Arabian Peninsula.
a) Mountains b) Grassy plains c) Desert d) Swamp
The early Arabians worshipped many gods and goddesses but who was the most important?
a) Allah b) Kaaba c) Makkah d) Bedouin
The prophet __________ was also the founder of the Islamic faith.
a) Yathrib b) Madinah c) Abu Talib d) Muhammad
Muslims, Jews, and Christians have a common belief in _____________.
a) gods and goddesses. b) one God. c) pilgrimage. d) fasting.
The Quran provided Muslims with guidelines for daily life and ______________.
a) schools. b) farming. c) commerce. d) government.
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