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Allowing the people to decide by voting
a) popular sovereignty b) abolition c) compromise d) federalism
Where did the first battle of the Civil War occur?
a) Gettysburg b) Frederickburg c) Bunker Hill d) Fort Sumter
Law requiring all citizens to help catch and return escaped slave
a) Bleeding Kansas b) Fugitive Slave Act c) Sugar Act d) Treaty of Ghent
What line marked the Northern border of slavery in the Missouri Compromise?
a) Mason-Dixon line b) 36 30' c) equator d) the Appalachian mountains
Who unsuccessfully sued for his freedom?
a) Frederick Douglass b) Jefferson Davis c) Dred Scott d) Harriet Tubman
Who became President of the Confederate States of America?
a) Dred Scott b) Stephen A. Douglas c) Jefferson Davis d) Frederick Douglass
Which violent abolitionist was hanged for his raid on an arsenal?
a) John Brown b) Harriet Tubman c) Frederick Douglass d) Robert E. Lee
What name was given to the armed proslavery Missourians who went to Kansas to vote?
a) abolitionists b) Free Soilers c) Underground Railroad conductors d) border ruffians
The Kansas-Nebraska Act cancelled the
a) Missouri Compromise b) Fugitive Slave Act c) Louisiana Purchase d) Treaty of Paris
The Whigs and the Free Soilers joined to create this new party.
a) Democrat b) Republican c) Know-Nothing d) Socialist
The Supreme Court decision against Dred Scott declared which document to be unconstitutional?
a) Fugitive Slave Act b) Adams-Onis Treaty c) Missouri Compromise d) Pinckney Treaty
Why did John Brown try to raid the Harper's Ferry arsenal?
a) to get weapons to start a slave uprising b) to capture slave owners c) to steal ships to transport slaves away from America d) to get guns so that he could rob banks for money to buy people out of slavery
Which Southern state seceded first?
a) Texas b) Alabama c) Georgia d) South Carolina
True or False: Lincoln ran for office with the promise to free all slaves.
a) true b) false c) d)
Who fired the first shots at Fort Sumter?
a) runaway slaves b) angry slave owners c) Confederate soldiers d) Union soldiers
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